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Express Zip File Compression 2.4

Full-featured ZIP-based tool to create, edit, and convert your ZIP archives
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Far from being the typical zip/unzip tool to compress and extract files and folders into and from an archive file, Express Zip File Compression can also edit your archive files, mount them, and let you work with the files inside without needing to extract them. It supports most (if not all) known archive file types, including all the usual suspects and a number of not-so-well-known archive types.

When creating a new ZIP file you can choose among the five compression levels provided the one that better fits your plans. This will allow you to create heavily-compressed files for, say, e-mail distribution, instance, and less compressed files for archiving purposes, for instance. If ZIP is not your preferred format, you can always convert any ZIP file into 7Z, TGZ, WIM, or TAR archive files, while ZIP lovers, however, will love to be able to convert archives in any of these formats into ZIP files. Alternatively, you can also produce self-extracting EXE files out of any of these archive file formats in a fast and reliable way.

ZIP files can not only be extracted, but also edited, which is probably the program’s main asset and surely what sets it apart from other similar tools. Express Zip File Compression can split ZIP files into smaller portions to allow for distribution using the multi-part ZIP file technique. The program’s burning capabilities will also let you create backup discs with your most valuable files for long-term archiving, and even encrypt your ZIP files and protect them with a password for added safety. Besides, the program will mount your archive files and will let you examine their contents and even execute or play back any of the files in them without having to extract them first, and you will also be able to move content from one archive file to another without extracting any of them.

In a nutshell, Express Zip File Compression is an excellent archive tool that offers you more functionality than you would expect from the average zip/unzip app. I advise you to download and try the demo provided, and though some functions won’t work unless you buy the corresponding license, it will give you a good glimpse of all the things this full-featured tool can do for your archive files.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports all known archive file types
  • Encrypts your compressed files for further protection
  • Converts between various archive file formats
  • Allows you to work with the archived files without extracting them
  • Clear and well-structured interface


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